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I’m Don Wilkerson, recent retiree from Texas A&M University's Department of Horticultural Sciences - where for 28 years I served as a Professor and Extension Specialist in the area of Ornamental Horticulture

Today I am the "energy" behind Galveston Gardening. GG is a NEW effort designed to provide landscape gardening information for Galveston and the Texas Upper Gulf Coast. It will be a great forum to share info, post events and get tips and suggestions on how to deal with a wide range of gardening problems. OR share success stories with interested friends.

Our goal is to provide information on landscape gardening topics, events and activities for the Texas Upper Gulf Coast area. AND - we'll bring it with a HEALTHY SENSE OF HUMOR and FUN!!! Because after all - that's what coastal living is about...

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you’ll share this information with friends and fellow gardeners

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Conserve, Preserve and Protect
The old saying goes "Here in Texas, we're never more than a week away from a drought." That certainly applies to Galveston and all along the Upper Gulf Coast. Thus far in 2011, rainfall has been sparse and the water supply is already feeling pressure from landscape irrigation. NOW is the time to implement a water management strategy to help conserve, preserve and protect surface and groundwater resources.

Texas Agrilife Extension Service has prepared a number of excellent publications on landscape water management. We encourage you to review this info and put it to work in your home landscape.

Water Conservation Strategies
Soil Improvements for Water Conservation
Low Volume Irrigation
Irrigation System Auditing
Landscape Mulch
Rainwater Harvesting
Raised Beds

For more information visit the GG Forum Page or contact the Galveston County Extension office.